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    cbr 600rr fan switch

    After the post by marshy on how to do a fan switch on the r6 i was inspired to do one on the 600rr 07 on . If you still have the switch block for the lights connected and the headlights removed on the tracky you have the power there for the high beam not used .

    Remove the fairings and on the lhs of the bike find where the wire goes to the tipover sensor The one that follows it but stops halfway with a clear/whiteish plug is the one for the headlight highbeam. Strip back the wire so the one with the plug has a bit more length .As per photo


    As i have the oggy knob bracket its a bit tight here but if you dont have it then theres plenty of room , unplug the fan .(may need to move the radiator forward by removing the bottom bolt on the radiator)

    Now you need to uncover a bit of the blue wire on the wires going to the fan and join the wire which originally went to the headlight , Blue wire with two silver marks on it . I cut the plug off it as you only need the blue wire , the green is the earth and isnt needed which originally went to the headlight.


    I soldered the two blue wires together and taped up to avoid earthing out on anything



    As i didnt have much length of wire in there i mounted the fan plug on the bracket with cable ties but if you dont have the oggy knob bracket it should be able to put back on the original bracket . Just make sure all the wires aren't in the way to catch on the fan when it turns on .

    To test , turn on the ignition and put the high beam on , fan should start and high beam light displayed on the dash.


    useful info
    Fan automatically comes on @ 104 deg and goes off when temp drops to around 102 deg

    digital temp displays "- -" below 34deg between 34 and 121 shows temp

    between 122 and 131 flashes the temp display and the high coolant temp warning light comes on (might want to stop the engine )

    Above 132 temp flashes "132" I think we might be in some trouble here..
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