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05-11-2015, 08:57 PM

When I installed clip-ons, I used the clutch lever when it was just hanging loose, then when I put it on the bike it was completely slack.

I thought I'd have a crack at adjusting it and took some photos. Keen to see if I've done this right? I'm still at the stage where any time I touch anything on the bike I envisage it blowing up :bowl:

1. At lever, wind in clutch lever adjustment closest to lever as possible

2. Prop up tank, at cable end near front sprocket cover, loosen locking nut and loosen clutch cable (turn so bolt winds into hole)

3. Manual said to undo clutch adjustment cover - which I did but had NFI how to a. hold the 12mm nut and b. loosen the 10mm locking nut through that tiny hole!?
So instead, I just removed the whole clutch cover. Loosen the screw 2-3 turns, then slowly tighten until resistance is felt. Then loosen 1 turn (this didn't leave much of the screw out.. only enough to just have the nut on when tightened). Tighten the locking nut

4. Return to the cable adjustment nearest the front sprocket. Adjust the cable to give 10-15mm approx cable play/slack, adjusting by loosening the bolt from the thread to reduce slack. (Please let me know if this is too loose)

5. Return to cable adjustment at leaver. Fine tune by turning the wheel to get 10-15mm cable play.

Done. This is what my cable play looks like. Does this seem right?

Thanks for any guidance - I'm guessing this is probably pretty routine but it did my head in!

06-11-2015, 09:46 AM
Looks good. Just check the clutch cover is mounted back on correctly (it's easy to mis-align the clutch actuator).

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